Wednesday, January 27, 2010


If there is anything I love about Sho Baraka, it is the way he writes songs that are on point. This particular song "100" is talking about how as Christians we should not give our 99.5% to the cause rather we should give it 100. What he says in the song is true because I really want to get to that point where I am leaving solely for Jesus Christ. I don't wanna be a lukewarm Christian.. i want to give God my ALL. Here are the lyrics to the song and I hope it blesses you the same way as it blessed me...

Verse 1
What I look like caring if the world don't feel us/ I serve a God who died harder than Bruce Willis/ man's born sick and he just gets ill'er/ in our optimistic prime he could transform a killer/ he could transform a dealer, ask Json/ we were all born sinners ask my mom/ my nature's no better than Judas and that's the truth/ without the spirit I'm a arrogant adulterous dude/ so I keep accountability until I get old/ Tedashii said, "Bring the heat cuz the world's so cold"/ I gotta live 100 so my feet don't slip/ I gotta live like Jacob more holy less hip/ by his grace Sho Baraka gone spit the real/ been doing that Reach life before I got the deal/ called to make mini-me's til the day that I die/ so on my tombstone say, "he didn't die he multiple"/

I gotta keep it (100)
My men keep it (100)
My ladies keep it (100)
We gotta keep it (100)

Verse 2
Back in the year of the 2 triple 0/ this random thug tried to strong arm the Sho/ me and my boys on the corner just sharing our faith / this cat staring at us like he got something to say/ he began to size us up acting tough talking loud/ I tried to ignore him but this fool attracted a crowd/ I expected some resistance but this aint what I wanted/ I had 99 problems this made 100/ he looked me in the face and said if you love that Christ/ you'll have no problem with me sending you to see him tonight/ I'm thinking option number one is we can turn the other cheek/ number 2 is we can stomp his loud mouth in the street/ but that's what they want to see us fail when they test us/ talk a good game but then crack under pressure/ so I prayed to GOD, if I have to take this L/ I hope out of this you would get your glory as well/ so this cat stared at us for a second or two/ jumped at us and smirked like I'm playing with you/ we have to represent the Lord even though they were stuntin/ no matter what they do we gotta keep it 100


Verse 3
They move their lips but their words mean nothing/ they think God got their back but them boys just frontin/ they talk loud but we can drown out the sickest boys/ we like Chicago, willing to make the ill'er noise/ they want toys, fame, wealth and health/ everything good without being good themselves/ they want things but its Jesus they better get/ cuz hell's their life sentence like a subject and a predicate/ sometimes I see the wicked and I lust for their things/ but then I see the Lord and I trust in the King/ hung on the cross for hours while still in his prime/ we don't call him heir for nothing he showing us hang time/ he is holy, he is perfect, he is God/ God is like three in one, its so odd/ because of all this your boy gotta keep running/ 99 wont do it gotta keep it 100/



eMJOY said...

bra. I havnt heard the song yet. You gotta post a link so we cud also hear it too ey. holla.
Congrats on Eden Project tho.

N. Steven said...

yo, noticed that your following my blog. must say, i've been slippin' on my sho baraka game...but you've definitely piqued my interested.

glad you like what you've read. hope to see more of you bro!